November 15, 2009

Natural Holidays

Want to get noticed for having a great-looking holiday setup? Try natural elements like pinecones and pumpkins for your holiday centerpieces. They make for one-of-a-kind decorations and guarantee your table will outshine the rest.
Items like gourds are biodegradable and won't clog up landfills like traditional plastic decorations. You can toss these centerpieces in your compost pile after the holidays and they'll help beautify your garden come spring.
If you're hosting a holiday soiree, your centerpieces can double as gifts or door prizes.

Thanksgiving - How about a cornucopia? Or just set out a variety of colorful gourds and pumpkins (later, remember to toast pumpkin seeds and maybe even whip up a pie).
Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa - Use festive potted plants (like poinsettias). Make an evergreen wreath or garland. Build a pinecone tree.
New Year's - Use all those empty champagne bottles as candleholders. It's a great way to celebrate a green new year.