January 22, 2010

Dakota Williams

Dakota Williams, a resident Texan, began contemplating a career in modeling at the age of eighteen.  When he’s not modeling, Dakota is a self-described night owl.  “I’m not up too much during the daytime.  I’ve been entertaining for almost a year now, so I’m pretty active at night.  This male model credits his family and friends as being his biggest source of inspiration as well as his support group.  “When anything bad happens, my friends are always there for me.  There’s never a lot of drama with us; I just have great friends.  Sometimes we get a little crazy.  We tend to exaggerate stuff and sometimes take things too far.”
Dakota is dedicated to the environment and recycles regularly.  He only shares rides with friends to work in order to save energy.  He wants to ensure his actions make a positive impact to our environment.  Watch his behind the scenes video on YouTube.

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