April 16, 2010

Rick Chacon

Born and raised in west Texas. I have always been explorative and curious about the world and different cultures. And, during college decided that I needed to get out of west Texas and see the rest of the world. During my sabbatical I was able to further my interests by moving around the United States and exploring different cultural opportunities that didn't exist in west Texas, other than the movies.
After returning to finish school, I made my next move to south-central Texas where I have resided since and have until recently enjoyed a very interesting and creative career in advertising. I came to the conclusion it still wasn't enough and I was tired of being tied to a desk working 80 hours a week. So, to make a long story short, I left and stumbled into modeling. I see my opportunities with modeling as being another vehicle for me to educate myself and have a better understanding of the world.
I have been lucky enough to travel extensively and been to really beautiful places on this planet. And knowing that they are slowly, in some cases quickly, being destroyed by deforestation and industrialism has made me make changes to how I buy food, clothes and even cars. We need to be conscious of the effects of our lifestyles and think about how we can keep the world a beautiful place. Supporting local farmers, buying LED lights, driving less and getting paper instead of plastic could add up exponentially if everyone tried a little.