May 7, 2010

Jesse Blum

I am originally from Wisconsin and now live in Denver, CO.  I am going to school to get my nursing degree which takes a lot of time.  I also work at a local hospital.  I like to travel and spend time outdoors.  Of course, I live in Colorado.
Making sure the plastics are in the recyclable has been done since I was a young child.  I love being outside and going to support local parks.  To be in nature and to see landscaping such as trees and flowers makes one appreciate the earth more. 
I make sure when I’m at home I separate everything that can be used as a recyclable, even when I’m at a friends house I offer to take it back to mine.  I bought a bike last year and drive it all most daily, this saves on gas, oil and admissions.
Nature Team Note:  Jesse Blum was the contest winner for the 2010 Model Search and won the trip to the Support Nature Project photo shoot.