February 5, 2010

Lance Winters

Lance is a relatively new model with stunning potential.  Modeling is not his ultimate goal, however.  "I want to finish school with a Doctorate and become a psychologist for teens.  My big dream is to be an actor, though.  Overall, I just want to be the best person I can be."   This model stays in shape doing both cardio and weight training.  He also plays the occasional game of golf, basketball or football.  If Lance doesn't get chosen for a particular job, he doesn't sweat the small stuff; rejection simply doesn't faze him.  "Rejection doesn't bother me.  I don't care what people think."  Admittedly, Lance hardly gets any time to relax, and when he does, he prefers to spend it sleeping.  However, he and his friends enjoy some downtime playing video games. 
Since Lance enjoys being outdoors playing various sports he strongly believes in a better environment.  He is glad to be part of this project to raise awareness about a better environment for us and our children.   Of course, he recycles as we all should and he is going to look at other ways he can participate in environmental projects this year.