January 15, 2010

Chad Washington

I started modeling two years ago when approached by a magazine editor at a gym I personal trained at. I have always been in shape but modeling helped push me to work out more. I constantly studied the art of modeling and the creative side as well. I love being in from of the camera and seeing creative individuals mesh together and make magic.

My goal with modeling is to be a recognized face and name. I also aspire to be a working model in New York City and use modeling to open up other avenues. I would love to grace the top fashion magazines and fitness magazines.

Coming from a small town i recognize the importance of everyone pulling together to make the community better. So, I volunteer my services once a week to helping pick up around my neighborhood and also picking up around my workplace. Although its hard work, I realize that the effort I put in matched with others help make my community and this world a better place.  Watch his behind the scenes video on YouTube.
Email Chad at the Support Nature Project