January 29, 2010

Hasani Bryan

Originally from Chicago, IL and raised in Indiana, Hasani Bryan is a city boy who has always had an appreciation of nature and a general belief in the inherent good of humanity. Originally attending college with the intent of going on to medical school, he was moved midway through his academic career with the desire to entertain. While participating in a charity fashion show he developed a love of the fashion industry and became involved with various shows and campaigns.
Hasani moved to Dallas, TX after graduating from school to pursue a career in runway and commercial modeling. While in Dallas, he learned about the various ways in which the Earth has suffered from years of neglect. Knowing that every little bit helps, he lives an environmentally friendly lifestyle by shopping for organic foods, using cloth shopping bags and environmentally friendly products, carpooling when possible and supporting environmentally conscience projects and campaigns. Hasani Bryan's motto is that, "We have this one Earth, why not take care of it?" He currently splits his time between modeling and preparing to go back to school to become an Infectious Disease physician.  Watch his behind the scenes video on YouTube.

Email Hasani at the Support Nature Project