February 26, 2010

Tyrone Betters

Hello my name is Tyrone Betters. I am a 19 year old college student from Dallas, Texas. I am currently a sophomore at Georgia Southern University majoring in business management. I started my modeling career my freshmen year of college, when I tried out for a fashion show and liked it so much that I wanted to get better at modeling. Ever since then I have had numerous shoots, been in numerous shows, and now I am really making this my career choice. I want to be one of the best male models of my time period. I feel that I do have a lot to offer to the industry and I can be very successful. I also one day want to own various businesses. 
I wouldn’t call myself and environment freak, but I feel that in order to keep a clean environment you have to start with yourself. I make a habit to recycle all that can be. Whether it be soda cans, water bottles, cardboard boxes, if it can be recycled I recycle it. Georgia Southern has recycle bens all around the campus so there is no problem doing it. When I am walking and I see some paper or something on the ground, I take the initiative and pick it up and throw it away. I try to reframe from littering unless it’s like excess fruit or something because that can actually help the environment. I understand that industry has also been going green, so it would be a good idea to have shoots that support the green movement.