March 12, 2010

Christopher Howell

My name is Christopher Howell and I was born on July 20, 1984. I’m a professional and International Actor/Model/Dancer. Growing up, I lived in several different states across the US. While living in all of these different places, I learned how to make friends quickly and how to always keep a positive attitude no matter what situation I’m put into. When it came to school, I played as many sports as possible because I love to experience new things. Before I knew it, several years of fun had passed and here I am now. My constant drive to be perfect (acquired from the military) has left me with a great background in all sports, including martial arts, and a personality that tends to draw people towards me.
When it comes to our environment, I try to tread as lightly as possible. (pick up trash, wash cloths in cold water, unplug everything around the house, walk or catch rides when I can) Community wise, I love to help out in any way shape or form. Donating cloths, helping out at fundraising events, volunteering at food drives, handing out gift packages to the unfortunate around the holidays, and constantly planting plants into my patio garden.