March 5, 2010

Richie Maceyra

I grew up in a small town, Lampasas, Texas, and was never far from any athletic sport being played. I enjoy meeting new people and learning new ways to further myself as a person and in the entertainment industry. I started my college career in theatre at Trinity Valley Community College and graduated with my Associate of Arts Degree and then transferred to a University in Texas.  I have plans to move to California and seek out the adventure of auditions and casting calls, modeling and/or acting, as my dream is to star in a film or television series.
There are many ways one can aid the environment around them. For example, hand washing dishes and avoiding disposable silverware and dinnerware, avoid driving everywhere, planting or gardening, eating out less or simply recycling. Being a college student, I have the option of driving everywhere but instead I decide to put my body to work by riding my bicycle especially over the summer to work. I hand wash all my dishes and I oppose using the dishwasher and hardly use disposable items like paper towels for cleaning. Manual labor is better. I believe the most important activity that I have done has been planting trees, flowers, or bushes on my parent’s property. The results of planting have many effects such as more shade for the house which permits the reduction in air conditioning during the summer heat as well as making the air around the yard prone to being clean due to the release of plant oxygen and carbon dioxide absorption.